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India Art & Craft2

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As the story goes, the Queen of England was so impressed by Bundu Khan's performance in the India Festival held at London in 1982, that she called him the 'Second Kohinoor of India', a description that earned him the name of Kohinoor Langa
Types of Indian Painting have evolved in a parallel manner in the course of time. There are different styles of paintings which have emerged in the due course of time in different geographic locations as a result of religious and cultural impact. The paintings of India can be broadly classified as wall paintings and miniature paintings. The different types of Indian paintings fall under this two broad category but again they can also be classified depending on their evolution, emergence and style. Almost all of the ancient paintings are engraved on the wall of temples and caves. Miniature paintings are paintings made on small canvasses of papers and clothes. This type of art mainly evolved in the medieval age especially narrating the royal life and this form of art is popular until now.



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