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La femme en rouge145 Lita Cabellut2

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Lita Cabellut was born in Sariñena (Huesca) in 1961. She lived on the streets of Barcelona until the age of 12 before being adopted by a prominent family. She was then introduced to the Spanish masters at the Prado Museum, where she was deeply influenced by the paintings of Velazquez, Goya and Frans Hals. A prolific contemporary portraitist, the young Cabellut was inspired by the ubiquitous fresco paintings in her hometown. She spent four years in classical training before holding her first exhibition at the Town Hall of Masnou, Barcelona at the age of seventeen. At nineteen, she left her native Spain to study at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Netherlands, which is where she remains today to live and work. Over the years, Cabellut has developed a unique technique that yields an inimitable quality and texture to her work, painting large-scale portraits incorporating traditional fresco techniques with modern applications of oil paint. She also developed a unique technique for installations and ‘Hybride’ Photography, combining her materials in a 3 dimensional experience. Nowadays, Lita Cabellut is considered as a painter with a unique pictorial language, using a contemporary variation on the fresco-technique and a immensely enjoyable, communicative and recognizable 'Cabellut-palette'. Lita Cabellut's 'human-faced' paintings are exposed all around the globe, in New York, Dubai, Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong, Barcelona, London, Paris, Venice, Monaco, Seoul and many more cities.
La femme en rouge


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