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Not only a great or famous artist, our contemporary Tu Zhiwei (or Zhiwei Tu, as Westerners say it) is a huge artist, one of the more influential Chinese oil painters...Thank you Zhiwei, thank You for giving us the wonderful gift of your Art!
Since the 80s,
Tu began creating large paintings in order to represent the brilliance and magnificence of Chinese epics. His “Body Language” murals were works that depicted military figures and situations throughout Chinese history. One of these murals depicts an entire Chinese army that had been betrayed while going through battle. This army was betrayed by their emperor who was paranoid and had buried the troops alive.
This series of murals depicts various things throughout the history of China and the culture. Another one of these murals tells the historical tale of the Yellow River and the flood that had happened. Another very important part of Chinese history which was the building of the Great Wall was also depicted in one of the murals in this series.
The murals of
Tu Zhiwei have been displayed in various museums throughout the world. His murals have helped the rest of the world see different aspects of Chinese historical events.





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