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Andrey Remnev, Contemporary Russian painter3

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Contemporary Russian artist Andrey Remnev is a rising superstar on the art scene today. Born in Yakhroma, a small town outside of Moscow, his work is very influenced by traditional Russian icons. One of the reasons for this is that Remnev began his education studying icon painting at the Holy Andronic Monastery in Moscow. The monastery is the home of innumerable Russian Orthodox artworks, many of which were painted by the abbey’s most famous monk and artist, Andrei Rublev (1360-1427). Andrey Remnev’s process of creating his paintings is a slow one. He looks at other artists’ paintings for influence and to figure out compositional problems. He says one of his biggest struggles is how to create space in his work, because he feels it depicts the main mood of the painting. Remnev often begins with egg tempera and puts oil paint on top of it. Though the process of painting is very joyful for Remnev, it is also one filled with suffering and doubts. Remnev does a lot of revisions on his canvas until he arrives at the final outcome.
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