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ALBANIA - city and Castle Kruje

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   KRUJË is a town and a municipality in north central ALBANIA, located between Mount Krujë and the Ishëm River, the city is only 20 km north from the capital of ALBANIA, TIRANA.
    On 28 November 1443 SKANDERBEG, gained control over KRUJË by and from 1444, SKANDERBEG incorporated it in the League of LEZHË, the confederation of the Albanian principalities.
    After SKANDERBEG's death in 1468, the city's garrison was supplemented by troops of the Republic of Venice.
    The city was eventually conquered by the Ottomans in 1478 after being besieged for over a year.
   A 1906 local revolt against the Ottoman Empire was followed by the 1912 Declaration of Independence of ALBANIA.
    Inside the former fortress, is the museums of KRUJË include the SKANDERBEG MUSEUM, located in the environs of the KRUJË CASTLE, and the National Ethnographic Museum (summary from Wikipedia).


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