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    BABA VIDA is a medieval fortress in VIDIN in northwestern BULGARIA and the town's primary landmark. It consists of two concentric curtain walls and about nine towers of which three are preserved to their full medieval height, including the original battlements, and is said to be the only entirely preserved medieval castle in the country. BABA VIDA is 39 metres above sea level.
    The name of the castle means „Granny Vida”.
   BABA VIDA served as VIDIN's main defensive installation during the course of the Middle Ages and acted as the most important fortress of northwestern BULGARIA.
   The fortress played a role during the Ottoman rule of BULGARIA, serving as a weapon warehouse and a prison, also as residence for OSMAN PAZVANTOĞLU, and it has been no longer used for defensive purposes since the end of the 18th century.
   Today, BABA VIDA castle functions as a museum. Being a popular tourist attraction, the fortress is being kept in repair (Wikipedia).


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