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ROMANIA – SANGEORZ-BAI balneo-climatic resort

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   SÂNGEORZ-BĂI, formerly SĀNGIORGIUL ROMĀN is a town in BISTRIțA-NĂSĂUD county in the historical region of TRANSILVANIA, ROMANIA, formed by the component localities of CORMAIA, SĀNGEORZ-BĂI (residence) and VALEA BORCUTULUI.
   The settlement is known in documents from the year 1245 as SAN GURGH.
   In 1453, the locality was in the possession of voivode IANCU de HUNEDOARA, then his son, king MATIA, who in 1475 entrusted the commune to the Saxon magistrate of BISTRIȚA.
   During the 1848-1849 revolution, Hungarian troops caused enormous damage to the commune. In 1876, SÎNGEORZ-BĂI was part of the ROMANIA AUTONOMOUS DISTRICT of NĂSĂUD in BISTRIțA-NĂSĂUD County.
   In September 1944, the German-Hortyst troops occupied the locality, also during this period the Jews were deported from the locality (there were human and material losses).
   In recent centuries, the usefulness of mineral waters has been known, whose therapeutic effects have been recognized since 1770 by the authorities in VIENNA.
    In the locality there are 9 different types of mineral water springs, with healing properties for ailments of the digestive tract, liver or that simply help you keep your health. The properties of these mineral springs compete with the much more famous VICHY-FRANCE or KARLOVY VARY resorts in the CZECH REPUBLIC.
   The city is a seaside resort with a spa climate, much sought after by Romanians, but also by foreigners.
   The treatment is done in a modern treatment base belonging to the resort, equipped with hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, hot mineral water bath facilities and skunks. The resort also has aerosol and inhalation facilities, paraffin wrap facilities and medical gymnasiums (Wikipedia).



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