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BULGARIA - Collection of cacti from BALCIC

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    In 1926, 8 years after the end of the First World War, Queen MARIA ALEXANDRA VICTORIA of EDINBURGH (Queen of Romania) built a summer residence in the town of BALCIC, close to the BLACK SEA cliff, known today as BALCIC CASTLE (The quiet nest or The Lonely Nest).
    In the immediate vicinity of the castle, the French designer JANINE JULES, laid out what today is the Botanical Garden of the city of BALCIC (or the Daki Yordanov University Botanical Garden).
    Gradually, the objective changed its role and from a park with decorative functions, it became the UNIVERSITY BOTANICAL GARDEN - an institution with scientific and educational purposes, open to wide public access, specialized in cultivating and protecting tropical and subtropical exotic collections, as well, as and other unique plants - over 4,600 species, of which approximately 700 cacti are stored in a greenhouse inaugurated in 2012, which can be visited throughout the year.
   The collection of cacti and succulents in the BALCIC Botanical Garden (those grown outdoors and in the greenhouse) already exceeds 3,700 species, subspecies and varieties (Wikipedia).



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