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Portugal Porto8 The Iconic Bridges of Porto

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The most popular image of the city is that of its three famous bridges and the characteristic craft, known as 'barcos rabelos' which ply the River Douro, below, with their cargos of wine. The oldest of the bridges is the Dona Maria Pia, opened in 1877, which was designed by the famous French engineer Gustav Eiffel.
Known as the city of bridges, Porto built its first permanent bridge, the Ponte das Barcas (a pontoon bridge), in 1806. Three years later, it was sabotaged. It was replaced by the Ponte D. Maria II, popularised under the name Ponte Pênsil (suspended bridge) and built between 1841–43; only its supporting pylons have remained.
The Ponte D. Maria, a railway bridge, was inaugurated the 4 November of that same year; it was considered a feat of wrought iron engineering and was designed by Gustave Eiffel, notable for his Parisian tower. The later Ponte Dom Luís I replaced the aforementioned Ponte Pênsil. This last bridge was made by Teophile Seyrig, a former partner of Eiffel. Seyrig won a governmental competition that took place in 1879. Building began in 1881 and the bridge was opened to the public on 31 October 1886



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