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   LEZHA is a town and municipality in northwest ALBANIA, in the county with the same name. In ancient history it was an ancient Greek colony named LISSUS.
   The city dates back to at least 8th century BC. Around 385 BC, a Greek colony was founded by Dionysius I of Syracuse by the name of LISSOS.
   In Roman times, the city was part of the province of Epirus Nova, its name Latinized as LISSUS.
  From 2004 an excavation started around the ancient Acropolis of LISSOS and the SKANDERBEG MEMORIAL, which revealed Hellenistic, Roman and Early Byzantine buildings, tombs and other findings.
   LEZHA has also been known by the Italian form of its name, ALESSIO and in the 19th century as ALISE, LESCH, ESCHENDERARI, or MRTAV.
    Lezha has a Catholic majority (70-80%) and a Muslim minority (30-20%).
   The Church of Saint Nicholas, former Selimije Mosque, or Church-Mosque of LEZHA is a ruined historic church and mosque where it is now used as SKANDERBEG'S MAUSOLEUM (i.s.).


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