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   An hour and a half to the south of ROME, SABAUDIA is a coastal town in the province of Latina, Lazio, central ITALY. SABAUDIA's center is characterized by several examples of of the Musolini era architecture.
   It is one of several towns built on the reclaimed marshland of the Pontine Marshes Agro Pontino. This marsh was drained under orders from Benito Mussolini. Vast tracts of malaria-infested swamp were drained by workers transported from poor areas of northern Italy, leaving the coastal area south of ROME with rich farmland. These towns were built so that the Musolini regime could demonstrate the draining of the marshland, as well as provide housing communities for the increasing urban populations of Italy's large cities.
 Architects GINO CANCELLOTTI, EUGENIO MONTUORI, LUIGI PICCINATO, and ALFREDO SCALPELLI were responsible for the town plan and many of the buildings after winning a competition for the design of SABAUDIA, sponsored by Mussolini. Work commenced on the town's construction on 5 August 1933 and was completed 253 days later. 
The city itself is based a Roman grid road layout and rationalist architecture (i.s.).



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