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   SOROCA is a city and municipality in MOLDOVA (former Romanian territory, with the historical name Bessarabia), situated on the DNIESTER river about 160 km north of CHIȘINĂU. It is the administrative center of the SOROCA District.
   The city it is known for its well-preserved stronghold, established by the Moldavian prince STEPHEN the GREAT (Ştefan cel Mare in Romanian) in 1499.
    The locality was greatly extended in the 19th century, during a period of relative prosperity.
In the Soviet period, the city became an important industrial center for northern MOLDOVA.
   The population was estimated at 35.000 in 1919, mainly of Jews. Romanians, Germans and Russians also lived in the city.
   The city once had a Jewish population of around 18.000 but they are only 100 today and 20 of them are considered Jewish according to the halakha.
In 2012, SOROCA had an estimated 37.500 inhabitants.
   The city has a sizable Romani (Gypsy) minority and is popularly known as the „Romani capital of Moldova”(Wikipedia).


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