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CRICOVA - the underground city of wine

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   CRICOVA is a Moldovan winery, located in the town with the same name, 15 kilometres north of CHIŞINĂU. Famous wine cellars make it a popular attraction for tourists.
   The wine cellars of CRICOVA is the second largest wine cellar in MOLDOVA (former Romanian territory, with the historical name Bessarabia), after MILESTII MICI (largest in the world). They were converted into an underground wine emporium in the 1950s.
   Half of the roadways are used for wine storage. The roads are named by the wines they store. This „wine city” has its warehouses, tasting rooms and other facilities underground. It goes down to 100 metres below ground and holds 1.25 million bottles of rare wine. The oldest wine dates back to 1902. The temperature is maintained at about 12°C all year round (which is perfect for wine).
   Legend has it that in 1966 cosmonaut YURI GAGARIN entered the cellars, re-emerging (with assistance) two days later.
  Russian president VLADIMIR PUTIN celebrated his 50th birthday there in 2002 (Wikipedia).


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