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Mexico (this is Coahuila) - Lalo, Steve

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Coahuila is another of the Mexican states from which we have prepared a short demonstration. Its capital is Saltillo. In 2015, three million inhabitants lived on an area of more than 150,000 km2. Most of the state is mountainous and stretches from north to southeast along the eastern part of the Sierra Madre. The eastern half is gradually being considered towards the Río Bravo del Norte. The western half of Coahuila is part of the Mexican plateau and extends into the Chihuahua Desert. There is also one of the largest cities in the area - Torreón. The state's climate is mostly dry or semi-arid, but the rivers allow for extensive irrigated agriculture, especially for growing cotton. Coahuila also has two biosphere reserves. The forests of the Sierra Madre are used for wood production. The city of Torreón is the world's largest producer of silver and the largest producer of gold in Mexico. About 95 % of Mexico's coal reserves are located in Coahuila. Many old dances (of Spanish and indigenous origin) survived in the state. Characteristic products of folk crafts are tegua (special footwear), wooden animal figures and sarape (scarves in bright colors).


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