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Paris Louvre Palace 1

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Découvrir Paris (series)
The Louvre Palace (Palais du Louvre), on the Right Bank of the Seine in Paris, is a former royal palace situated between the Tuileries Gardens and the church of Saint-Germain l'Auxerrois. Its origins date back to the medieval period, and its present structure has evolved in stages since the 16th century.
The large pyramid serves as the main entrance to the Louvre Museum. Completed in 1989, it has become a landmark of the city of Paris. Commissioned by the President of France François Mitterrand in 1984, it was designed by the architect I. M. Pei, who is responsible for the design of the Miho Museum in Japan among others. The structure, which was constructed entirely with glass segments, reaches a height of 20.6 meters; its square base has sides of 35 meters. It consists of 603 rhombus-shaped and 70 triangular glass segments (Wikipedia).

Les églises de Paris (series)

Découvrir Paris - Rive Gauche (series)

Bonjour Paris - tour de ville



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