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TURDA - city and Municipality

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   TURDA is a city and Municipality in Cluj County, ROMANIA, situated on the ARIEȘ River.
  The Dacians - the ancestors of the Romanians - established a town that PTOLEMY in his Geography calls PATREUISSA, which is probably a corruption of Patavissa or Potaissa, the latter being more common.
   It was conquered by the Romans, who kept the name POTAISSA, between AD 101 and 106, during the rule of TRAJAN, together with parts of DECEBAL's DACIA.
  The castrum established was named POTAISSA too and became a municipium, then a colonia. 
POTAISSA was the basecamp of the Legio V Macedonica from 166 to 274.
   The POTAISSA salt mines were worked in the area since prehistoric times; they were closed in 1932 but have recently been reopened for tourism.
   According to the last Romanian census from 2011 there were 47,744 people living within the city: 84.7% are ethnic Romanians, while 8.98% are ethnic Hungarians, 6.03% ethnic Romma and 0.4% others (i.s.).


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