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BASARABIA - the museum village BUTUCENI

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   One of the most popular places of interest in MOLDOVA (historical name: BASARABIA). is a touristic zone called OLD ORHEI (Orheiul Vechi), which is situated on the RAUT RiverIt is a which is located about 60 km away from the capital city CHISINAU, among three villages: BUTUCENI, MOROVAIA and TREBUJENI.

   OLD ORHEI is an archaeological and historical complex, which consists of two moderate but very old museums, ancient rocky church and also several private old-fashioned hotels in a very traditional style, located in villages BUTUCHENI and TREBUJENI.
   OLD ORHEI is an exceptionally quiet and delightful place with impressive landscapes and huge historical background which bring the tourists to discover BASARABIA's ancient roots (i.s.).


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