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TURKISH - The Selimiye Mosque

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      The SELIMIYE MOSQUE is an Ottoman imperial mosque, which is located in the city of EDIRNE (formerly ADRIANOPLE), TURKEY and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mosque was commissioned by SULTAN SELIM II, and was built by the imperial architect MIMAR SINAN between 1568 and 1575.

   It was considered by SINAN to be his masterpiece and is one of the highest achievements of Islamic architecture.
    This grand mosque stands at the center of a külliye (complex of a hospital, school, library and/or baths around a mosque) which comprises a medrese (Islamic academy teaches both Islamic and scientific lessons), a dar-ül hadis (Al-Hadith school), a timekeeper's room and an arasta (row of shops).
       Surrounded by four tall minarets, the MOSQUE of SELIM II has a grand dome atop it.
      At the Bulgarian siege of EDIRNE in 1913, the dome of the mosque was hit by Bulgarian artillery. Owing to the dome's extremely sturdy construction, the mosque survived the assault with only minor damage (Wikipedia).


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