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ROMANIA - The hermitage Sibiel

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   SIBIEL (22 km far from Sibiu) is one of the 18 traditional Romanian villages with a special cultural, architectural & historical heritage, located SW of SIBIU outskirts („Marginimea Sibiului”).
   The village is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and the tourists will be charmed by the simplicity & hospitality of the locals, the genuine Romanian traditions & culture visible everywhere. The tourists can see the beauty of ancient habits, feel the rhythm of the villagers and taste the charm of the village events & religious rituals.
    In SIBIEL many handicrafts were being passed to future generations: blacksmith, farrier, carpenter, furrier, weaver, wool hand weaving, cheese manufacture, glass painting, looming.
   SIBIEL main attractions are: „Priest Zosim OanceaGlass Icons Museum which hosts the largest glass painted icons in TRANSYLVANIA (XVIIIth-XIXth century), unique in EUROPE with over 700 exhibits and „Holy Trinity” Church, XVIIIth century with valuable indoor paintings and icons on glass & wood (Internet).


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