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ROMANIA - the Church from the MERRY CEMETERY

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   The town of SĂPÂNŢA located in the county of MARAMUREȘ/ROMANIA, documented in 1373, is located on the left bank of the TISA river, borders to the north with UKRAINE and is known in the world, through the exotic MERRY CEMETERY.
   The MERRY CEMETERY is famous for its funerary crosses of bright colors and naively painted, which represent scenes from the life and profession of those buried, accompanied by verses in which the respective people are remembered, often with humorous nuances.
   The novelty of this "merry cemetery" is the differentiation from popular culture, which regards death as a sad event.
   STAN IOAN PĂTRAȘ - the creator of the colored crosses in this cemetery, is supposed to have been inspired by the culture of the Dacians (the ancestors of today's Romanians), who, from the historian OVID DENSUȘIANU onwards, are claimed to have they considered death a joyous event, through which the deceased escapes from earthly problems, going to another world, one without worries.
   The church in its enclosure is a religious architectural jewel with a roof of glazed tiles in the color of the cemetery crosses, presenting a set of volumes that make the transition from the slender tower, typical of the churches of MARAMURES, to the classic altar of the church. - work of the architect DOREL CORDOS.



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